Green Your Routine: Brooklyn's Best Natural Services June 05 2014

I'm difficult.

When it comes to quality and customer service, I'm a big snob. I am intent on a "Green Routine" and I am not talking patchouli and henna {although they have their place}. Froth up your Matcha and check out this list of my favorite joints solely dedicated to "pinky-up, cruelty-free, au naturaleness." 

This new Bed-Stuy joint radiates good vibes. A clean, stylish space, vegan hair products and 2 top industry veterans turn out flawless cuts and color to a diverse clientele. Hair, art and community, all served with love.

*Honorary Queens Mention: Eden Di Bainco Hair + Make Up
The go-to cruelty-free make up artist and hair stylist of the "Green Shows" has a cozy beauty studio in her kitschy-cute Queens apartment. You might be offered a gluten-free, vegan cupcake while you're processing or be licked by a very sweet rescue pit named Frankie.

Tres Belle Spa
But of course! With over a decade in the skincare biz, Brooklyn's "Little Gem" turns out 5 star service, making every client feel like a VIP. Cruelty-free anti-aging and acne fighting skincare make the petite-emporium a favorite of local celebs and beauty editors alike.

Hands down the very best in eco-conscious fashion and accessories. Whether you're in the market for upcycled, organic, or recycled, this big, bright shop has something for you. Flawless and fashionable green glam personified, season after season. 

I love this dedicated crew. They prove that you can have non-toxic and chemical-free: carpet and upholstery cleaning, window washing, non-toxic pest control, building cleaning, indoor air quality testing, that works. 

Greenhouse & Co.
Carefully curated housewares from local artisans, high-style vintage furniture and the finest in green bedding and bath make this popular shop the go-to for set designers and local residents. 

GirlieGirl Army
The "Glamazon Guide To Green Living" has been my cruelty-free go-to for years. From veganizing a recipe, greening your sex life {yup} and finding your new rescue cat or dog, it's all here, under one roof. Look for founder Chloe Jo Davis on this summer!

Have some green favorites of your own? Please share!

Peas and Love,
Allison Tray