Tres Belle Spa: Small Business Owners On The L Word June 26 2014

I never ran a business before I opened my Brooklyn spa. I was never anyone's boss. I've learned by trial and error. I truly believe there are 2 things that are often overlooked by business owners that have kept Tres Belle Spa going, with much of the same staff, for over a decade. First, I LOVE my job. Second, the L word: Loyalty. Building loyalty, nurturing relationships is something that has been ingrained in me my entire life. It's important but most importantly, it feels really good.

How to build loyalty and client retention doesn't come as second nature to everyone. Be open to new and creative ways to connect. Continue reading to see what small business owners from around the country have to say about LOYALTY.

Customer Loyalty

Allison Tray, owner of Tres Belle Spa
We have consistently been voted as the best spa, year after year and this comes from our clients’ loyalty to us. We keep consistency in our clientele by rewarding loyalty. We focus on our current clientele, the ones who come to the spa, the ones who refer other people and the ones who engage with us on social media.
Clients who show us loyalty often receive freebies, a little bit of extra OR an add-on service at no extra charge. It feels good to reward loyalty and when you provide a quality service and truly care about your customers the way we do, you never ever nitpick about the price; you give, give, give.
Joe Silverman, CEO & Owner of New York Computer Help
 We have made it a custom to ship out end-of-the-year holiday chocolates to customers. But, instead of just shipping them out, we have one of our technicians or reps hand-deliver them.

Drew Stevens, author of the webinar, Grand Slam Customer Service
There are several ideas based on my recent book. Here is one.
Customers do not enjoy being treated differently because they have been with you for a while versus someone that is new. So in working with customers in order to help set expectations I suggest that you show them a little bit more respect.

Victor Mandalawi, founder of Choice Home Warranty
We retain customers by staying in contact with consumers throughout the process, even if they don’t use our product. 
Jim Grew, owner of Consulting firm, ‘The Grew Company’
At one point, Triad shipments ran 3-4 weeks late, with unpredictable schedules, causing cancellation of future orders. We escalated to scheduled daily communication among all Triad department leaders (sales, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering), cutting order lead time from 3 weeks to one week, and then to 3 days. In six months, sales increased 47% over the prior year, with no other changes in marketing or operation. Earnings increased accordingly.
Sam Tarantino, CEO of GrooveShark
We’ve seen that building a strong community is key to retaining customers. People like to feel included as part of something larger than themselves. 
Greg Hummel, Managing Partner at Factory Direct 2u
We are a small mom and pop internet housewares store that competes with Amazon. We cannot compete with them on price, so we can only go with incredible service. Each customer gets individual service and as much time as they need. We make sure that each customer has a great shopping experience with us and will go over the top to resolve any problems.
John Paul Engel, President of Knowledge Capital Consulting
I had a 10 year relationship with the largest consulting firm in Japan. I also had a 6 year relationships with a national association and a 7 year relationship with a high growth consulting firm that has gone from 1 to 7000 people.I always deliver more than what is expected. I strive to always be better than the competition.
To read FULL responses from the business' above and many more insights, see the article that was originally published on Entrepreneurship Daily.
Peas and Love, Allison Tray