Tres Belle Spa: Unique Approaches To Summer Skincare July 04 2014


There is a lot of controversy brewing about whether the sun is good or bad for you and whether sunscreen is dangerous. All I know is that having been a skin care expert for over a decade, I have seen skin ravaged by over-exposure to the sun. I have seen folks in their 30s with sun damage so drastic that they look like they’re at least 10 years older.
Not only does extensive sun damage add years to your appearance, it’s unhealthy. Did you know that too much sun radiation can not only put you at risk for cancer but it may alter the efficacy of your immune system and even be a danger to your eyes? No? That’s why I am here, to tell you.
Not convinced yet? Cleaning up toasted skin costs big bucks. Put a hat on it.Repair it: Antioxidant serum is like sunscreen inside your skin. It penetrates deep into your epidermis to protect your skin cells from damage. It also encourages new cell growth and repair. Apply to dry face after cleansing. Find it at Tres Belle Spa.Sunscreen: For maximum penetration (Yes, I know that sounds dirty…), put your sunscreen on before you apply moisturizer. Also, look for the words “broad spectrum” to insure your sunscreen is protecting you thoroughly.Eat it: You’re going to nosh, make it count. Nibble on antioxidant rich foods like beans, berries, apples, and potatoes.Cover it: The Kimono, bring it back. Make like Andre Leon Talley (or my BFF Larissa) and throw it over your suit when you’re shuffling to and from the car, on and off the Fire island ferry, etc. I am living for Malia Mills’ updated version of the kimono, which I sport on the reg.Cap it: Wear a hat, a turban, a scarf. Your scalp is skin after all. It burns. If you’ve dealt with a sunburned scalp and burned hair (reluctantly raises hand), it’s not a mistake you make twice. Try a glammy hat like the one I love from Hats by Nadege, a Brooklynite by way of Dubai, or get a “wouldn’t be caught dead in this” hat at the drugstore. Anything goes when it’s sweltering. It’s OK.Throw it: I bought a big throw by Caroline Z. Hurley and have never looked back. This gorgeous linen multi-tasker has been used as a bed throw, a beach blanket, a wrap at night, and a scarf. ‘Nuff said.
Your mantra for the summer: Prevention is easier than correction. Now get out there and be a screen star!
Posted from Brooklyn Styled 7.4.2014