Tres Belle Spa: 2 Must Have Flight Essentials July 26 2014

Darling, Before you jump the big bird to St. Mortiz, consider packing two of my favorite in-flight essentials to keep fresh and hydrated.

KEEP IT CLEAN: Giovanni Towlettes are organic, individually wrapped, anti-bacterial wonders. You never know if “Sal Monella” was the last person to touch that armrest. Jam packed with dreamy aroma-therapeutic oils, you’ll be off on a yummy head-trip before you even land.
KEEP IT SOFT: SkinCeuticals Hydrating Gel B5 is a lightweight gel that sinks deep into the skin and helps it hold water. Just a drip from your dropper will keep your face { kisser included} smooth and plump through-out your flight. You can pick up a bottle at Tres Belle Spa in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Allison Tray is the proud owner of Tres Belle Spa. Healthy skin is her personal obsession. Understanding health and skin as a complete package from diet to sun to genes, Allison wants to help everyone (woman, man, and in between) to have the glowing skin they deserve. She personally tests all the products and procedures she promotes in her spa.
Originally posted on Brooklyn Styled 7.25.2014