Tres Belle Spa: The Truth About Laser Hair Removal and Brown Skin July 29 2014

Tara Duvivier

People of color can safely have laser hair removal with amazing results if they go to an experienced practitioner. You will notice I said EXPERIENCED. You do not want a novice treating dark skin as, it is the most sensitive although most people believe very fair skin is most delicate. A reputable establishment, like Tres Belle Spa, will have a laser hand-piece or machine that is made to specifically treat dark skin. Your first visit should consist of a thorough FREE consultation, what to expect, what are your expectations, etc. Next, a test patch in a hidden area should be performed so you can see what the laser feels like. If you are going to have an adverse reaction, it will take a few days to see. The skin may peel or get a bit pink. Most clients will have no reaction and can start treatment after approximately 3 days after a test patch has been done. 

Also, noted NYC DJ, DJ Tara has had much success with our laser hair removal and told us "I love Oksana so much. I actually look forward to coming in."

As Brown Skin Beauty, Claire Sulmers, Founder, Fashion Bomb Daily, "If you don’t want to deal with excessive shaving and irritation, might I suggest laser hair removal? I get mine done at Tres Belle Petite-Medi Spa in Brooklyn, and I love it".

Swing by for a free consult and a test patch! Book it.
Peas and Love,
Allison Tray