Tres Belle Spa: Lazy Bones Beauty Before and Afters August 05 2014


It’s summer, take a short cut. I’m not talking about chopping off your locks, I’m talking time-saving tips for lazy bones babes like me. When it’s so hot you actually sweat in the shower, the last thing you need is a lengthy glam game of lining, shadowing, and smudging. You want to throw on your flowy summer go-to and be out the door in a flash. An awesome option for on-the-run polish is adding some semi-permanent color to brows and lashes. Imagine swimming, sweating, and rolling out of the bed all “woke up like this.” Yeah, 30 minutes at the spa equals polish everyday. Check out these before and afters, notice how bright and pulled together these damn gorgeous dames are:This is not a DIY option, it requires one early season trip to the spa for results that could last most of the summer depending on your beauty routine. Oh, what a difference 30 minutes makes. I can hear you asking…Allison, why should I tint if I already have dark brows and lashes? My answer: Because tinting your brows will add color to the little hidden hairs, creating a more defined, bolder brow. Most of us don’t even realize that the very tips of our lashes are usually a couple of shades lighter than they are towards the base. Adding color to lashes will lengthen them and give your eyes a little extra KAPOW.
Blondes and redheads and those fair of hair, I’ve got you. You don’t want to look to fake or freakish. There are colors for you too and often times some custom blending takes place before application. Book at Tres Belle Spa using the code BKSTYLEDBROWS and get 10% off of a brow/lash tinting combo session!
Peas and Love,
Allison Tray/ Tres Belle Spa