Tres Belle Spa: 3 Solutions to Weight Loss and Acne August 20 2014

Do weight loss and acne go hand in hand? Unfortunately, changes in the body and regular diet do cause breakouts and acne during weight loss. Here are 3 common issues and 3 helpful solutions to help you keep your skin clear and your confidence UP!

1. BACKne
Issue: During the weight loss process there's often an increase in physical activity and you may be sweating more. You might notice bumps and breakouts on your back. Clusters of blackheads or acne around your bra-strap area and upper back. 
Solution: Shower immediately after completing any physical activity which causes perspiration. Be sure to wash your work-out clothes often, especially in summer. Change your sheets if you sweat alot at night. Try booking a "Back facial."
2. Blackheads and breakouts
Issue: Congested skin and pimples might start popping up during your weight loss due to hormonal changes in the body and shifting estrogen levels. Change in eating habits can also cause breakouts. Many weight loss products such as shakes, bars, pills, contain synthetic ingredients that can aggravate the skin. 
Solution: Be patient. Your body is going through so many changes. Try to eat clean foods, whole foods, unprocessed foods. Drink lots of water to keep the body on a constant flow of detox and "cleaning." Try to avoid dairy foods, processed foods and white flour.

3. Sagging Skin
Issue: As we move into our 30's we start to lose the elasticity in our skin, which causes sagging and wrinkling. Your genetics play a major role in skin elasticity, thanks Mom!
Solution: Try keeping your skin very hydrated as, proper moisture will smooth out the fine lines and wrinkles, helping skin appear more tone and taut. Exfoliate the skin with gentle scrubs or dry brushing. Dry brushes can be purchased at local health markets and help to drain lymphatics and detox the skin.

Allison Tray at Tres Belle Spa