Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 3 Tips That Helped Me Cure My Insomnia June 13 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in Charlotte's Book and Yahoo Beauty June 2016


Dear Friends,
I am happy to be sharing 3 tips that helped me cure my insomnia. They're super easy and might work for you too. I have been plagued with sleeping problems throughout most of my adult life. The impact it's had on my psyche and skin have at times been intense. I developed Eczema which, during flare-ups, causes my scalp to burn and itch intensely. I have had days { after 2 or 3 nights of sleeplessness} that I have not been able to work. Answering an email could take an entire day because I was just dazed and unable to complete a sentence. Known as the bright eyed, energetic funny girl, it was obvious to my friends and employers when I was going through a bout of insomnia. I would show up to work looking like I had partied all night. Swollen eyed and sullen, trying desperately to stay awake during a mid-day crash but then awake again that same night.
After years of tossing and turning, book after book on sleeping, sleep med after sleep med, my doctor suggested {insisted really} that I go to a sleep clinic. You've seen the ones where you are hooked up to all kinds of wires and people watch you "not" sleep. Something about this scared me to death. I was not going to go. So I did something really radical, I decided that I did not have a sleeping problem. After many months of intense therapy after a break-up, I had been using my mind and the power of my thoughts to heal my heart. I was using that power to be happy again and I used it to convince myself that as a living creature, I required sleep and it was going to happen.
Here are 3 things I did to get myself to sleep:
1. Give yourself an attitude adjustment: 
Don't even walk into your bedroom if you've already convinced yourself that you're not going to sleep. Create a mantra for yourself like "I will sleep tonight because I deserve a wonderful night of rest." 
2. Love your room:
Create a space that you love to look at. If you've been meaning to change the paint or furniture, do it. Do something. Paint, change your curtains, or get a new blanket.
3. Find a place for things:
Clutter creates noise and stimulation. Limit your tchotchkes and put your clothes away. When everything has a proper place, it's easier to keep tidy. 

Tired yet? ZZZzzzzzzzz.....


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