Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 3 Ways My Dad Inspired Me Be To A Successful Entrepreneur June 09 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in HostGator Blog

Dear Friends,
Father's Day is around the corner. It's apropos that I would be featured in HostGator's blog titled "30 Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice Dad Ever Gave Them." In a time where small businesses struggle to survive and big chain stores dominate storefronts, the advice from 30 experts is much needed. My dad kept things simple for me and helped me realize that no matter the hurdles I would face, nothing would be better than being my own boss. 


I am excited to present you with 3 ways my dad helped me that can work for you too! Don't forget to scroll down to see the advice featured from 29 other entrepreneurs!

1. You Can Do It: Start off already convinced that you will be a success. Quiet your mind of the doubts. Believe in the power of positive thinking. Set your mind for success. Meditate on it. Say it out-loud. Write encouraging phrases to yourself and hang them up everywhere.

2. Give The People What They Want: No matter your industry, you need to know how to fill a niche. Find out what people want, make it amazing and have it easily available for them. You might even find yourself offering "things" that don't really even ring your bell but that doesn't matter. What matters is what the customer wants, give it to them.

3. Be A Fair And Kind Employer: Your staff will be invaluable to you. They help set the tone for your business and are the faces of your "brand" depending on the role they play. Hiring a professional staff is an investment for success and not the place to cut corners. Your goal is to keep your staff long-term and you do that by treating them with kindness and paying them fairly, no matter what. 

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