Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: How To Get Thicker Brows May 03 2016

Tres Belle Spa covered in Dujour Magazine May 2016 

Dear Friends, I was asked by all-around lifestyle and beauty guru Caitlin Heikkila to teach her how to get thicker brows for her article "The Price Of Good Brows. Long gone are the days of skinny brows, thin and sparse like they were drawn on with a fine-tip pen. Gwen Stefani, Drew Barrymore, and all of The Spice Girls once inspired women of the ‘90s to tweeze until their arches almost disappeared. These same women have since admitted themselves to various forms of brow rehab, attempting to craft brows more similar to those sitting pretty on Cara Delevingne or Kim Kardashian.

Beyond professional brow grooming (and a lot of pencil), women are taking to brow conditioners, tattoos, extensions and even implants for a quicker fix when growing them out seems daunting. One of the most common questions we hear from our clients at Tres Belle Spa is how to correct bald spots within the eyebrows. Here are some of our tried and true techniques:

  1. Take a "hands-off" approach: tweezing and waxing are tempting but try to let them grow in for a few months. You might be surprised to see how much brow hair appears!
  2. Seek out a professional: we are trained to look at your very own unique facial contours and will guide you through the correct steps to create the shape that best compliments your face. Giving you the tools to help you enhance your bone structure and eyes.
  3. Use an eyebrow growth serum: Revitabrow serum gets the job done! Our clients love it and have made it one of our best selling products for many years.

 A fuller brow makes the face look younger and really brings out the eyes. Use the three tips provided above to get noticeable eyebrows like runway model Cara Delevingne.


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