Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Is Steam Actually Good For Skin? May 21 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in Charlotte's Book April 2016

Dear Friends,

I am going to "unclog" the controversy " is steam actually good or bad for your skin?" Our clients have asked us on occasion about steam for sensitive skin and Rosacea. After being named Charlotte's Book very first Brooklyn beauty experts, we were asked to teach them the facial-steam do's and dont's. Below, we will share some tips on steaming the face.

1. Watch the temperature: steam might not feel super hot at first but, trapped under a towel it will feel hotter.  

2. Save the steam for the spa: try using a hot towel at home instead. If you feel unsure, save the real steam for when you visit a skincare expert. We have studied which temperatures are right for your particular skin type, how far from the face the steam should be and for how long it should be applied.

3. Cool down: apply a cool towel after steaming to soothe skin and freshen the face.

Steam may or may not be beneficial for your skin type. Always treat your skin with kid-gloves and loving care.

Tres Belle Spa teaches Charlotte's Book about facial steaming