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Tres Belle Spa + City Laundry on Massage and Dermaplaning

September 06 2017

Tres Belle Spa hosts City Laundry for massage and dermaplaning.

Maria Gonzalez is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology and has been blogging about personal style since she was just 16. She has been lauded by some of the most known names in the beauty and style industry, like Sauve and Teen Vogue. It was a true pleasure to host such this quintessential young go-getter for an afternoon of dermaplaning and massage. 

Click on over to City Laundry to hear Maria's experience having her first Dermaplaning treatment and massage with Jo.

City Laundry Blog at Tres Belle Spa

Tres Belle Spa: 2 Ways To Get Longer Lashes Without Extensions

August 31 2017

It's 2017 and the eyes still have it. I like to joke with my clients and say that "eyebrows are the new cleavage." With the popularity of Microblading for thicker brows and the funny yet confusing hashatag #eyebrowsonfleek, I stand by my statement. But, lately the question that's starting to pop-up on the regular has been "How do I get longer lashes without extensions?" 

Tres Belle Spa offered extensions for years and they were POPULAR and they brought in money. But, after seeing Kristin Chenoweth, beloved star of stage and screen, on late night TV with swollen eyes due to a reaction to the lash glue, I had second thoughts. Not only that but, we found the extensions were damaging the natural lash. Boy, I have been contacted by lash extensionists who were furious about that blog.

Alas, how to create longer lashes without extensions? Here are two of our favorite treatments that come to us through extensive training and research of the highest quality brands on the market. Both take less than 45 minutes and each cost under $200. Extensions on the other hand, when done correctly take up to 2 hours and cost around $350.

1. Lash Tinting

Tinting, also know as dyeing the lashes will create a fuller and longer look. Most spas and salons offer plant based dyes. This is not a service that is only popular for blondes and redheads. Most brunettes notice that the tips of their lashes are light. A good sweep of color gives an immediate appearance of length and fullness. This service gives you "mascara-like" lashes that last through swimming and swimming, for up to 6 weeks.

tres belle spa lash tint before and after


2. Lash Lift

Also known as a lash "perm" this truly magical treatment conditions, lifts and plumps lashes in under 45 minutes and lasts up to 12 weeks. No lash is overlooked, even the smallest, and the end result is like an explosion of lashes, lashes you never even knew you had. Often times Keratin conditioning works miracles and as for safety concerns, take it from Dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, who spoke in length to Allure magazine. Here's what he had to say:

"...keratin treatment can change the configuration of the hair on your head, keratin can be applied to lashes and enhances natural lashes without the use of false lashes or glue," says Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. "When performed by a trained professional, with proper care to ensure no harm to the eye, the procedure should be safe..." 

Tres Belle Spa Keratin lash Lift

Our Laser Director Oksana appears in the photo above make-up free, after Microblading and Lash Tint and Lash Lift. Amazing results!

To Book your eyelash service or just a free consultation please continue HERE.

Tres Belle Spa: Microblading For Thicker Brows

July 06 2017

It's been a year since DuJour Magazine asked our advice on getting thicker brows. As predicted the bold brow is still hot, hot, hot. Recently a semi-permanent solution has begun making it's way onto the "must-have" list of beauty editors who are always the first-to-know. If you're picturing big black fake eyebrows { that were once the subject of many memes}, think again. As with most technology, it took awhile to perfect the service and now clients are enjoying thicker brows that look gorgeous.

Microblading { also known as eyebrow embroidery and 3D Brows} is the innovative technique used to recreate, correct and improve the appearance of sparse or thinning brows. Microblading is performed with a manual pen, the blades of which are 3 times thinner than those used for very fine tattooing and allows our technician to draw crisp, thin and natural looking hairs. Because each hair is individually created, we can achieve a full natural look that is virtually undetectable, even up close. Your eyebrow beauty will last between 1-3 years until it subtly fades away. 

Microblading has been a godsend for those who have lost eyebrows to chemotherapy, medications and illness. Studies show that beauty and wellness treatments have a beneficial impact on body image and may strengthen patients' social support and self-esteem.

This summer, Tres Belle Spa is offering free consultations which will include eyebrow mapping { a fancy phrase for "creating the shape"} and custom color blending to find your perfect colors. Book your free consultation today

Tres Belle Spa: How To Treat and Prevent Bacne and Body Acne

June 21 2017

June 2017

Tres Belle Spa Teaches Charlotte's Book About Back Acne Facials {bacne} Prevention

I remember suffering from cystic bacne and body acne (also on my chest) as a teen, and it haunted me. I had no idea how to treat my bacne and no idea what was even causing it. All I knew was that, I hated the summertime. While my friends were frolicking on the beach and laughing it up at keg parties (I hope my mom isn’t reading this!) I was home obsessing over how to survive the heatwave. I also cut gym class quite bit, so much so that to this day (I’m a 46 year old woman, thank you) I have nightmares of going up to get my diploma, only to be denied because of gym absences.

Some of us count the days, hours, and minutes for the first sign of summer, but not all of us. For those who suffer from body acne, the season of skin can cause anxiety long before it starts. Many of my clients have been booking back-polishing treatments now that summer is hot on our heels. After going through a summer-beauty-cabinet clean up "Kondo style" I found some serums that would keep summer breakouts at bay, face and back. I am honored to have been asked by "beauty bible" Charlotte's Book to give a bacne breakdown. Please read on to get the details on this very "of the moment" treatment..HERE.

For information about getting your very own back polishing treatment, read HERE.

Tres Belle Spa: Recharge Your Summer Beauty Cabinet in 15 Minutes

June 19 2017

June 2017

Tres Belle Spa shows Charlotte's Book How To Refresh Summer Beauty in 15 Minutes.

Each new season brings the excitement of "it" product of the moment or the long-awaited moment to reunite with your tried and true favorites. Much like switching over your seasonal wardrobe, having your products organized and ready to go will streamline your morning routine. When you’ve tidied up your beauty arsenal, it’ll feel good to see a clean and curated collection of products that you love and have chosen with care. You will have the space to determine what new products you need in your beauty arsenal and what new hi-tech beauty treatments to indulge in. Read on to find out how I broke this 15 minute task down into just 3 specific 5 minute increments. 

To find out about the latest in hi-tech beauty treatments, checkout Tres Belle Spa's Skin Rejuvenation menu:

To read the 5-5-5 breakdown to a well-organized beauty cabinet, follow this link:

Tres Belle Spa: Spring Recharge Tips For Skin and Soul

April 14 2017

April 4, 2017

Tres Belle Spa discusses Spring Awakenings with Charlotte's Book



Peeling back the layers of winter both mentally and physically can be achieved by performing subtle gestures that yield dramatic results. Spring offers an opportunity for renewal and deepening our connection to the energy we create within ourselves and our circle. I’m not necessarily talking about changes, more like moving through the world and connecting with a refreshed purpose. I shared some of my tried and true spring "things" with Charlotte's Book, including my simple green food addiction. Read more here.

Tres Belle Spa + DuJour Magazine: Beauty Fixes For 2017

January 05 2017

Tres Belle Spa  gives beauty tips for 2017 to DuJour Magazine

Dear Friends,
Each new year presents the opportunity for new starts { and sometimes new challenges } and let's face it, self-care and good skin can get us through almost anything. You might remember our post in DuJour Magazine and our 3 important tips on getting thicker, fuller brows. Beautiful brows is definitely a trend that we will see going through '17 and also really fresh, glowing skin. DuJour tapped some amazing beauty experts to find out what beauty and wellness fixes we love this year. Here's the tip we shared:


Find your glow

“Try booking a quick peel. Most spas (whether they advertise it or not) are happy to do quick exfoliating treatments. Most likely your service would include a massaging cleanse, a chemical exfoliation that is stronger than you can get as a non-professional but, gentle enough not to require downtime and a soothing or hydrating mask depending on your skin’s needs.” -Founder of Tres Belle Spa, Allison Tray

Check out the full article with so many great tips here:
Book a visit:

shesWELL: A Womens Retreat in Kingston NY

December 28 2016

Join us for a weekend of acceptance and self-care in Kingston NY. Our group of women small business owners have curated days filled with beauty, wellness and local food. Just pack your favorite lounge wear and sunscreen { or these "must-have" items } and prepare to be pampered. Details below:





The Forsyth B & B, Kingston, NY
Love & Citrine, Liz Welter LMT and Tres Belle Spa
February 3-5, 2017

Join recognized beauty and wellness experts at shesWELL, a luxurious women’s weekend of wellness, yoga, great food and kindred spirits at The Forsyth B&B in historic Kingston, NY.

Celebrate your beauty and retreat from winter’s stresses in a newly renovated, five-star inn just two hours from NYC and easily accessible by car, bus or train.

Let the incredible team behind shesWELL pamper you from head to toe, and nourish you from inside out. Your weekend stay includes:

Luxury lodging (shared; single rooms based on availability)
All meals and snacks (excluding dinner on Saturday) by chef Tamara Ehlin
Four one-hour beauty treatments:

  • Custom facial by Tres Belle Spa
  • Hair cut or intensive hair treatment by Cristina Filloramo of Love & Citrine
  • Acupuncture by Alexis Arvidson of Love & Citrine
  • Massage by Liz Welter LMT

Two one-hour yoga classes led by Virginia Bocchichio
Beauty Swag Bag (value over $200)
Free time to explore historic Kingston





sponsored by 


Early Registration by January 4, 2017:

Full program in shared room: $1150

Full program, no lodging: $825

Registration on or after January 5, 2017:

Full program in shared room: $1250

Full program in private room: $1550 (if available)

Full program, no lodging: $900

4 Travel Beauty Must Haves From A Spa Owner

December 28 2016

Tres Belle Spa Shares Travel  Beauty Must-Haves with Charlotte's Book


Dear Friends,

Being a beauty expert and spa proprietress for over a decade, I talk to people about my favorite skincare and make-up "must haves" A LOT. And you know what? I never get sick of it. EVER. Some truths I never sway from: good packaging, no animal testing, independent brand. I haven't ever truly found one brand to be completely loyal to but I realized after a few trips across the pond and weekend escapes, that I definitely over-pack. I am not talking shoes here, I am talking PRODUCTS. Now that resort season is upon us and many of us are soon to be off to escape the winter,  I decided to really let the "beauty out of the bag." Check out my post on Charlotte's Book to see what I really use ALWAYS and throw into my purse not only for vacay but, everyday.

Before you see the ALWAYS use, a few honorable mentions of items I USUALLY have:

Dr. PAWPAW Multi-purpose Balm
Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Precision Eye Pencil 
Anastasia Brow Definer


And now onto the HEAVY HITTERS! Click the photo to see:

To be fair: Not me in the middle of nowhere






Tres Belle Brooklyn: 3 Ways Dermaplaning Differs From Razor Shaving

December 15 2016

Byrdie Beauty asks Tres Belle Spa about Dermaplaning For Facial Hair

December 2016

Brooklyn Dermaplaning Tres Belle Spa

Dear Friends,
We beauty experts are consistently asked what the best method is for removing facial hair. As with most skincare related treatments, there's no "one size fits all" answer. For the first 10 years as a small Brooklyn spa, Tres Belle not only used laser-facials or photofacials on skin for rejuvenation but also to remove excess facial hair. It wasn't until about 6 years ago that we began to offer waxing, realizing clients with fair hair were not yielding the results with laser hair removal that we had hoped. We began to offer dermaplaning recently for skin exfoliation on clients seeing the signs of glycation and a rough texture from hormonal changes in the skin. The procedure also removes vellus hair or "peach fuzz" which can cause many issues as, it traps dirt and oil which can lead to break-outs, acne and enlarged pores. Professional removal of vellus hair through dermaplaning gives you results that last.

I do not recommend "shaving" your face at home. There are many differences between an at home shave and dermaplaning. Here are 3:

1. Razor quality: Professional dermaplaning razors are surgical grade making them extremely sharp and smooth. A regular facial razor is not made to exfoliate the skin in the same way. Dermaplane razors are very sharp, making them much more safe and easily able to glide over the skin. Just like in kitchen

2. Technique: Your Esthetician or Dermatologist has been trained at length to perform this service with their professional tool. Not using the correct technique can result in cuts that may lead to infection and even scars.

3. Noticable results: Skin treated with a dermaplane scalpel will see enhanced renewal and promote rapid cell turnover. A professional will have medical-grade serums to apply at just the right time to be fully absorbed for optimal results.

To read about more methods of removing excess facial hair, head over to Byrdie. 
To book a dermaplaning session click HERE.

Brooklyn Magazine + Tres Belle Spa: Microcurrent In Brooklyn

November 13 2016

Brooklyn Magazine says Tres Belle Spa's Microcurrent is the go-to "Professional Grade Facial" in Brooklyn.

November 2016


Photo by Nicole Fara Silver

Photo: Nicole Fara Silver for Brooklyn Magazine

Dear Friends,
When Brooklyn Magazine came onto the glossy scene back in 2011, Tres Belle Spa was one of the first small businesses to support the venture. Our beautiful friend Angie Pontani allowed us to use one of her photos to promote the spa in a sexy and fun way. Since then we have been hooked on Brooklyn's very own magazine, complete with gorgeous design layouts and interesting features. We were over la luna when our Microcurrent Myolift was featured along with services from Area Spa and Citywell Spa and listed as the magazine's favorite Brooklyn spas and services.

Ava Donaldson, a writer and social media strategist for Hannah Bronfman's HBFit, said of our microcurrent, "My skin felt fully hydrated and had an incredible luminescence that remained with me for a week." The microcurrent treatment performed at Tres Belle Spa reshapes and lifts the skin. Just one session takes a few years instantly from the appearance. A series of sessions is a great alternative to Botox. It also helps alleviate pain and inflammation in the body using the benefit of of Alpha/Theta. Our Microcurrent assimilates 4 hours of sleep in just 30 minutes. Hear what the magazine staff had to say about their experiences below.

Moisturizing Tips: How To Hydrate, How Often

October 13 2016

Tres Belle Spa Teaches Medical Daily Moisturizing 101



Hi Friends,
Sometimes we just need to get back to basics. I am talking about the good ole beauty ABC's, beauty 101, baby steps beauty...are you getting this? I recognize that as a Beauty Expert my routine might seem a bit advanced and even weird at times. I try to share my expertise to anyone who will listen but sometimes it comes down to "how to apply moisturizer." Well, that would be using long, upward strokes onto freshly cleansed skin. It's NOT this smearing, circular motion I have seen some of you perform proudly. Sorry! When applying skincare products, always move UP, UP, UP. 

Join me over at Medical Daily for more hydration tips for face and body!




Dry Brushing: A Stimulating Addition To Your Morning Routine

October 13 2016

Tres Belle Spa talks Dry Brushing with Charlotte's Book

Hi Friends,
Now that the fall and winter months are upon us, some of us might start slacking on our body beauty routines. I might be a little guilty of this in the beginning of the season until I notice the change in my skin texture and jump headfirst into exfoliating like a maniac. One thing you have heard me talk about is dry brushing. 
Not only does this simple daily ritual keep flaky winter skin at bay, it has health benefits too. Aside from the delicious DIY shower scrubs we are all accustomed to, dry brushing is the perfect routine shake-up for cold weather wellness.

Image: Happy Body Formula

Visit my post on Charlotte's Book for all of the dry brushing benefits:


Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 5 Professional Anti-Acne Tips

October 01 2016

Tres Belle Spa gives Inspirations and Celebrations on Anti-Acne Tips

Dear Friends,
Long gone are the days of Stridex Pads and stinky astringents as anti-acne go-to's. Now more than ever we are considering diet and lifestyle changes to help combat and prevent break-outs and other annoying skin conditions. At Tres Belle Spa we consistently have clients seeing us for help treating adult acne. In this post I will share a few spa secrets that go beyond the acne facial. I was asked by Inspirations and Celebrations to share my favorite anti-acne tip. Before you read the article 


1. Pillowcase:
Try to sleep on a crispy-clean surface every single night. Flip your pillow over, turn your pillowcase inside out, and repeat. Excess oils, drool, hair products and the like are all over that case, keep it fresh!

2. Hair:
Keep your hair off your face. Products and oil can transfer onto skin and cause clogged pores and breakouts. Try wearing your bangs off your face and hair pulled back, especially during periods when you're noticing breakouts.

3. Hands:
It might seem obvious when I suggest you not touch your face.You might think that you don't even touch it "that much." Once you start to become conscious of how much you actually do it, you'll see it's more than you thought. Now you can try to stop.

To see more tips from industry experts like me, go to the full article here:




Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Transform Skin In Just 7 Days With Vi Peel

September 23 2016
Vi Peel transforms your skin in just 7 days. 
Tres Belle Spa favorite, the Vi Peel, is the perfect pick me up for post summer skin that's gone from fab to drab. This self-neutralizing peel is performed in just 30 pain-free minutes. Immediately after application your skin will appear slightly red or tan. After approximately 48-72 hours, the skin will begin to shed. During the peeling process, age spots, sun spots, acne scars, and fine lines begin to fade and fresh new skin begins to peek through. One week post peel we invite you back for a complimentary plumping hydration treatment, your cherry on top. 
Fall is a season of transformation,
and the perfect time to take advantage of Vi Peel.

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Before You Book A Facial, Read This Advice

September 13 2016

Tres Belle Spa teaches Charlotte's Book How To Choose The Right Facial

September 2016

Dear Friends,

I recently spoke with Robin Shobin, Founder of Charlotte's Book, about some concerns her readers were facing. How do they pick a facial that's right for them? There are so many options now and spa menus are anything but basic. How about the treatments beloved by the "it girls" and made popular on social media? Are those right for you? 

Here are some basic tips which I expand upon in the article.

1. Looks Aren't Everything: a spa might not have the "hippest" decor but might still have a very talented staff.

2. Walk Right In: try strolling by on a quiet day and take a little tour around. Get a feel for the staff. I would not recommend doing this on a Saturday, which tends to be very busy.

3. Take The Time To Have A Consultation: any spa or esthetician serious about their offerings should agree to meet with you for a quick chat about what treatments might benefit you. 

Check out Tres Belle's menu and please contact us for a free consultation:

For the full story and expanded tips, see the full article here:


Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: End Of Summer Skin Tips

August 18 2016


Tres Belle Spa featured in Inspirations and Celebrations

As the end of summer nears, our clients are starting to see their skin go from dewy to dull. Tans are fading and we are all craving for some deep cleaning and brightening. At Tres Belle Spa our all time go-to are antioxidant serums. 



Here's my exerpt:

Tip #1: Prevent Signs of Aging with an Antioxidant Serum

Allison Tray (co-founder of Tres Belle Petite Medi-Spa in Brooklyn, New York) says that, “Adding an antioxidant serum to your daily skin care will help to reduce the signs of sun damage and environmental damage, as well as preventing damage in the future to the skin. Antioxidants work by breaking up the glue that holds damaged cells to gather and at the same time, they encourage rapid cell turnover for fresh new cells. What this means for your beauty is that dead dull skin is lifted away and rejuvenation is encouraged.”

In particular, Allison recommends an Allure magazine beauty favorite – Skinceuticals Phloretin CF, which she calls “the gold star product of all antioxidants”. Another popular antioxidant serum is Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster.

Find tips 2 and 3 here:

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: How To Use Baking Soda For Beauty

June 15 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in SpaFinder 

Over at Tres Belle Medi-Spa, we know a thing or two about self-care: It’s our passion! Though all my years of working in this industry, I’ve come across some efficient, lesser know home remedies. Today, I’m hailing baking soda as a simple solution to several beauty setbacks.

For the face and skin: Use a small amount of baking soda with water to create an amazing exfoliating paste for your face and body. Those with acne-prone skin can use the mixture as a mask since it is a natural anti-fungal.

For the teeth: When baking soda is mixed with peroxide it brightens teeth. I use it before brushing with a minty toothpaste.

For the hair: Adding a little baking soda to a sulfate-free shampoo can help clear up dandruff.

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 3 Tips That Helped Me Cure My Insomnia

June 13 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in Charlotte's Book and Yahoo Beauty June 2016


Dear Friends,
I am happy to be sharing 3 tips that helped me cure my insomnia. They're super easy and might work for you too. I have been plagued with sleeping problems throughout most of my adult life. The impact it's had on my psyche and skin have at times been intense. I developed Eczema which, during flare-ups, causes my scalp to burn and itch intensely. I have had days { after 2 or 3 nights of sleeplessness} that I have not been able to work. Answering an email could take an entire day because I was just dazed and unable to complete a sentence. Known as the bright eyed, energetic funny girl, it was obvious to my friends and employers when I was going through a bout of insomnia. I would show up to work looking like I had partied all night. Swollen eyed and sullen, trying desperately to stay awake during a mid-day crash but then awake again that same night.
After years of tossing and turning, book after book on sleeping, sleep med after sleep med, my doctor suggested {insisted really} that I go to a sleep clinic. You've seen the ones where you are hooked up to all kinds of wires and people watch you "not" sleep. Something about this scared me to death. I was not going to go. So I did something really radical, I decided that I did not have a sleeping problem. After many months of intense therapy after a break-up, I had been using my mind and the power of my thoughts to heal my heart. I was using that power to be happy again and I used it to convince myself that as a living creature, I required sleep and it was going to happen.
Here are 3 things I did to get myself to sleep:
1. Give yourself an attitude adjustment: 
Don't even walk into your bedroom if you've already convinced yourself that you're not going to sleep. Create a mantra for yourself like "I will sleep tonight because I deserve a wonderful night of rest." 
2. Love your room:
Create a space that you love to look at. If you've been meaning to change the paint or furniture, do it. Do something. Paint, change your curtains, or get a new blanket.
3. Find a place for things:
Clutter creates noise and stimulation. Limit your tchotchkes and put your clothes away. When everything has a proper place, it's easier to keep tidy. 

Tired yet? ZZZzzzzzzzz.....


 For the full article and more tips on Charlotte's Book click here:

More on Yahoo Beauty:

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 3 Ways My Dad Inspired Me Be To A Successful Entrepreneur

June 09 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in HostGator Blog

Dear Friends,
Father's Day is around the corner. It's apropos that I would be featured in HostGator's blog titled "30 Entrepreneurs Share The Best Advice Dad Ever Gave Them." In a time where small businesses struggle to survive and big chain stores dominate storefronts, the advice from 30 experts is much needed. My dad kept things simple for me and helped me realize that no matter the hurdles I would face, nothing would be better than being my own boss. 


I am excited to present you with 3 ways my dad helped me that can work for you too! Don't forget to scroll down to see the advice featured from 29 other entrepreneurs!

1. You Can Do It: Start off already convinced that you will be a success. Quiet your mind of the doubts. Believe in the power of positive thinking. Set your mind for success. Meditate on it. Say it out-loud. Write encouraging phrases to yourself and hang them up everywhere.

2. Give The People What They Want: No matter your industry, you need to know how to fill a niche. Find out what people want, make it amazing and have it easily available for them. You might even find yourself offering "things" that don't really even ring your bell but that doesn't matter. What matters is what the customer wants, give it to them.

3. Be A Fair And Kind Employer: Your staff will be invaluable to you. They help set the tone for your business and are the faces of your "brand" depending on the role they play. Hiring a professional staff is an investment for success and not the place to cut corners. Your goal is to keep your staff long-term and you do that by treating them with kindness and paying them fairly, no matter what. 

Read the full article on Hostgator's blog {we are #15}

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: 20 Reasons To Fall In Love With Our Vi Peel Sale

May 25 2016

Tres Belle Spa presents a pre-summer Vi Peel Sale!

Our most popular peel EVER is on sale. Now is the time to get summer ready and polished. Here are 20 Reasons Fall In Love With Vi Peel and then scroll down to see MORE amazing transformations and book yours!



20 Reasons To Fall In Love Vi Peel 
{ cue the white horses and violins }

1. It can help you feel more confident
2. It is cost effective
3. It is relatively painless
4. It is quick
5. It yields dramatic results
6. It requires little to no downtime
7. It helps even skin tone
8. It helps lessen redness
9. It accelerates cell turn over
10. It is cruelty-free, not tested on animals
11. It's results are clinically documented by International Research Services
12. Clinical studies showed rapid collagen increase
13. Clinical studies showed decreased melanin
14. Clinical studies showed increased blood flow to skin
15. Clinical Studies showed decreased crow-s feet lines at eye area
16. Clinical studies showed skin suppleness
17.  Clinical studies showed overall smoother skin
18. Clinical studies showed that 4-6 treatments work as a non-surgical facelift
*19. Free take home kit of products to help boost results 
*20. Free 30 minute follow-up appointment including custom mini-peel (Exclusive at Tres Belle Spa!)



An Esthetician Answers: 3 Most Common Laser Hair Removal Questions

May 25 2016

 Oksana Egelova, Laser Director, Tres Belle Spa
on Laser Hair Removal

Dear Friends,
Since 2004, Oksana Egelova has been Tres Belle Spa's Laser Director. She is the leading expert and NYC go-to in her field. Here, she answers the 3 most common laser hair removal questions she hears on a daily basis. 


Q: Does laser hair removal hurt?

A: It is a bit uncomfortable in sensitive areas but it's over by the time you can even process it. It feels like a super-quick zap or snap of a rubber band. My clients find that it doesn't "hurt" it's just a different experience and after the first session they're used to it. Anyone who has been waxed will likely find this much more comfortable, and twice as fast. Note: we do not recommend numbing cream. It’s just not that uncomfortable that you would need it. Trust us, we are big babies when it comes to pain but, don’t tell.

Q: Can those with brown and black skin have laser hair removal?

A: Yes. Based on my 12 years as a laser hair removal expert, I have treated hundreds of brown skin clients safely and effectively. You might recognize Tres Belle Spa clients Claire Sulmers and DJ Tara, who agreed to be quoted and noted. Clients with what is referred to as *Fitzpatrick 5 or 6 skin colors must always receive a test patch prior to treatment. Be wary if this is not offered to you. The light and heat from the laser is used differently on each Fitzpatrick skin-type. I make this fail proof by using a hand-piece attachment to our laser that is only for skin types 5 and 6.

Q: Does laser hair removal work on blonde or grey hair?

A: Not really. Many laser companies out there claim that they have the technology to make this happen. In over a decade of providing laser hair removal, I have not found this to be so. The laser works by targeting the dark pigment of the hair that's in the follicle. Lighter hair pigment is almost impossible for the laser to find. This treatment works best on dark hair.

*The Fitzpatrick scale (also Fitzpatrick skin typing test; or Fitzpatrick phototypingscale) is a numerical classification schema for human skin color. It was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist, as a way to estimate the response of different types of skin to ultraviolet (UV) light.





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Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: Is Steam Actually Good For Skin?

May 21 2016

Tres Belle Spa featured in Charlotte's Book April 2016

Dear Friends,

I am going to "unclog" the controversy " is steam actually good or bad for your skin?" Our clients have asked us on occasion about steam for sensitive skin and Rosacea. After being named Charlotte's Book very first Brooklyn beauty experts, we were asked to teach them the facial-steam do's and dont's. Below, we will share some tips on steaming the face.

1. Watch the temperature: steam might not feel super hot at first but, trapped under a towel it will feel hotter.  

2. Save the steam for the spa: try using a hot towel at home instead. If you feel unsure, save the real steam for when you visit a skincare expert. We have studied which temperatures are right for your particular skin type, how far from the face the steam should be and for how long it should be applied.

3. Cool down: apply a cool towel after steaming to soothe skin and freshen the face.

Steam may or may not be beneficial for your skin type. Always treat your skin with kid-gloves and loving care.

Tres Belle Spa teaches Charlotte's Book about facial steaming

Tres Belle Spa Brooklyn: HBFIT Microcurrent and DIY Tips

May 16 2016